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Hello and WELCOME!!!

Updated: Apr 5

Hi hi hiii!

I have a lot of thoughts, and I've always been the type to jot them in my notes app or make really long video diaries of me just talking about artistry and life. I don't know if blogs are still a thing but I feel like having one would be a really nice outlet for me. So hi, welcome to my brain dump.

Also, with the release of my own music, I've come to learn some really interesting niches in the music biz: bloggers, playlist curators, and indie music promoters. I've been sending out my music to these sorts of people and some of them have been gracious enough to add it to their playlists to share with their followers, or write a blog post about it to share it with their readers. I quickly realized that with my love for new music and writing, I should be doing that too! Not sure exactly when I'll get that going, but it's something I'd like to do at some point soon.

When I was younger I once dreamed of being a writer one day--mainly so that I could sit ✨sapphically✨ in coffee shops, but that's besides the point. Welcome to my blog! I hope to share thoughts about my life, and eventaully some new music that I love, and maybe support some up and coming artists along the way.

Thanks for being here!!! Don't forget to look around at other parts of my website to find out other ways to support a cool indie artist (cough cough... me 😊)

:) gracyn

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