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Gracyn Blu Louis shares their debut single, "it’s cold outside (i love you)"

Coming out of Pittsburgh, PA is Gracyn Blu Louis with their debut single, "it’s cold outside (I love you)". Now with no tracks already out for us to listen to, we went into this single with a blank canvas, and I have to admit we were blown away.

... we went into this single with a blank canvas as this is their debut, and I have to admit we were blown away.

Banner of Gracyn Blu Louis in the snow

Vocally it's incredibly strong and it's immediately obvious from the get-go as their vocals are caressing your ears within the first five seconds. Instrumentally it's dreamy and ethereal with elements that you'll expect to find in tracks by WET and Cigarettes After Sex. 


The cinematic feel to the song is beyond words, it's out of this world gorgeous, and even when considering this is their debut single I can already see Gracyn Blu Louis being a well-known artist all over the world, the talent is clearly there for all to see - just follow their journey as it could be astronomical.

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GRACYN BLU LOUIS' latest single, "IT'S COLD OUTSIDE (I LOVE YOU)", plunges our listening into a cold and emotional atmosphere, moving through slow, introspective nuances and a classic sound between dream pop, indie pop and folk. The track not only captivates musically, but also weaves a poetic narrative about love and its complex emotions. The highlight goes to the sentimental and vocal depth of the track, which resonates imposingly in its own meticulous, private and passionate universe. Gracyn Blu Louis reveals themself as a unique artist, full of references, soundscapes and authenticity. Their diverse background in theater, opera, film, instrumental music, and music production adds an extra layer of depth and skill to their artistic expression, cementing them as a notable independent artist.

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Gracyn Blu Louis - “it’s cold outside (i love you)"

Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Gracyn Blu Louis released their debut single “it’s cold outside (i love you)” on February 2nd. Reflecting on their creative process, they express, “Songwriting, for me, is all heart, while producing is all brain." The track comprises two distinct sections–the first, “it’s cold outside,” is mellow dreamy pop, while the second, “i love you,” ventures into melodic chaos.

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