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this was my first film, and i'm so grateful to sam rauch for bringing me on for this project. i learned very quickly what screen acting requires, and i can see the improvement i made in my relationship to my scene partner and the camera even within the different scenes we shot, with the opening scene being first, the other indoor scenes being second, and the outdoor scenes being the final things shot. this project got me really excited to continue pursuing film acting further. my scene partner, audrey, was also so fun to work with, and i'm so glad to have gotten to know her.

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after shooting "fairyland," sam rauch graciously brought me on for another project, with this one being unscripted and almost completely improvised. we just got into the room, set up the lights, and then she told me different motions and feelings to portray, everything from twitchy to gooey. we explored the idea of "new skin" and "new body," moving and interacting with my own body as if i had never used it before. i really enjoyed working with sam so intimately in this project, and exploring new movement techniques.

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